“The Long White Cloud”

Large Black Maire Plate NZ$ 600.00 incl GST

This platter is huge and an absolute beauty! And it hides a secret that only the owner will know about until you turn it over to show it off to your friends!

Resin enhancement on wood turning

The fact that "The Long White cloud" is only visible when the piece is turned over adds a touch of sophistication to this already splendid art work. Nothing like a little surprise that is hidden away. 

For non-Kiwis, "The Long White Cloud" is  the translation of the Maori name for New Zealand - Aotearoa

Black Maire is a New Zealand Native timber and is exceptionally hard. Maori used to use this wood to fashion their weapons from. Black Maire works of this size are very rare.

This piece will be a fine addition to any collector of New Zealand wood turned art from rare native timber.

Approximate Size -

Diameter: 460mm

Height: 40mm

Wood: Black Maire. 

Finish: Food safe buffed Carnuba Wax

Enhancements & Artwork: Turned, Acrylic resin with paua (abalone shell) inlay and hand painted resin clouds surrounded by a frame of Black Walnut.