Beke Lohmeyer

I met Beke while she was Couchsurfing around New Zealand. We got to talking about art and she showed me some of her drawings and I thought that some of her drawings would look really cool laser etched into plates or platters.

This is how Beke describes herself:

"I'm a young aspiring artist from Germany who travelled full time for the past three years. I find inspiration in nature and my own inner landscapes, organic shapes, sacred geometry and surrealism. Drawn to the spiritual realms, I'm following my vision to reflect my inner experiences in my artwork."

Beke sketched up a few drawings and these are the results of our collaborations. Some of these amazing collaborations might still be available for sale, have a look in my Online Shop.

The original images are framed and sold with the one of a kind plates and platters. Truly unique pieces of art!

You can see more of Beke's work on her Instagram page here: ​​bbeke._ 

Clicking on the images will reveal the full sized image.