Beke Lohmeyer

A Collaboration Born from Inspiration

While she traveling New Zealand, I had the chance to meet Beke via Couchsurfing (IYKYK), a talented young artist from Germany. As we chatted about art, she showed me some of her captivating drawings. Their intricate details and organic flow sparked an idea - how incredible would these look laser etched onto plates and platters?

About Beke:

In her own words: "I'm a young, aspiring artist from Germany who has spent the past three years exploring the world. Inspiration flows from the natural world, my inner landscapes, organic shapes, sacred geometry, and a touch of surrealism. Drawn to the spiritual realms, I strive to reflect my inner experiences in my artwork." (See more of Beke's work on her Instagram page: Beke's Art on Instagram

The Collaboration Takes Shape:

Beke's artistic vision came alive when translated onto these unique plates and platters. We collaborated on several designs, some of which you might still find available in my Online Shop.

Truly One-of-a-Kind Art:

Each piece is a unique combination of Beke's original artwork (framed and included) and the beautifully laser-etched plate or platter. These are conversation starters and treasured keepsakes for any art lover.