Large Hourglass Segmented Pin rare wood necklace

Handcrafted segmented wood necklace from rare timber - $120.00

Hand crafted from different pieces of rare timbers that may include burls, spalted wood and other rare wood these necklaces are unique and sure to be the envy of all your friends.

Chunky and very masculine these feel great around the neck and have a wonderful energy in the hand.

The pieces are all individually cut to fit together and then carefully pinned using panel pins. Be sure to avoid going into the water with these as the wood and metal pins won't enjoy that. If you do get them wet, especially with salt water, please rinse them with fresh water and let them dry in a warm shady spot.

You can easily restore their luster by applying natural bees wax to them.

These handmade wooden necklaces make wonderfully thoughtful gifts.

Wood is such a precious resource that I try to use every last bit. Any off cuts are saved into a bin and I use these pieces of rare and hard to find wood to make hand made jewellery.