Ricci Lang

I met Ricci at the local Packhouse Market in Kerikeri where she is a regular exhibitor of her art.

You can see more of Ricci's work using this link.

I was immediately impressed by and drawn to her drawings and especially liked the mandalas she created. Using her original designs I carefully chose timber that would best compliment her images and transferred these using my home built diode laser onto the platters and plates I turned.

Ricci writes this about herself:

"I am a mixed media artist, living in Kerikeri. 

My work is inspired by the wonders of nature and all its creatures, the energy/vibrations of the earth and our connection to it, and the magic we all have inside of us, which we express by living as our authentic selves.
My artwork aims to soothe the soul and open the mind, and invites you to see the natural world as I do… a wondrous place, full of magic and mystery!"